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Missouri Small Group Health Insurance  (5 - 50 Employees)

We can put together the right benefits package to satisfy all your employee health insurance needs. Our plans are designed with all size groups in mind. Small and medium sized groups can provide their employees with the same features and cost effectiveness as larger companies. If your tired of changing insurance carriers every few years, and having to go through all the procedures of re-enrolling your employees each time, then please give us a try.   

  • Preferred Provider, HMO/Point of Service options

  • Flexible coinsurance and deductible amounts Prescription drug options

  • Maternity coverage options

  • Dental coverage and life insurance benefits for employees and dependants

  • Dual option plans are available depending on the size of the group and depending on the health insurance company in question.


In Missouri, companies must have been in business for more than a year, have 2 or more enrolled fulltime employees (work 25 or more hours per week), and have filed quarterly taxes including a UCT6. 


Guaranteed issue health insurance plans for one man groups are available. No medical underwriting just like other small group employer plans. However, there limited enrollment periods for a Missouri health insurance plan. Applications must be submitted during the month of August for an October 1st effective date. Must have accompanying tax documents to demonstrate you are operating at a profitable level.


For quotes on a small group please fax a Census Form of all employees and dependant information to: (407) 423-7483. Please include the name of your business, physical address and nature of your business. If multi-site please contact this office at: (407) 425-9347/(800) 444-5797