Individual Missouri individual dental insurance

Dental insurance doesn't have to be expensive.  We have excellent plans designed for every budget.  Which plan is best?  Discount Plans will get you the best benefits, with PPO Plans, you will find higher prices;  long waiting periods of 6- 12 months before fillings, crowns and root canals will be treated; and, there are caps on benefits.  If you would information on our PPO Dental Insurance plans please scroll to the bottom of the page and review the benefits for Delta Dental and our latest plan from Homeland Health Care...the premier of PPO Dental Plans!

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Secure Choice from Assurant Dental  provides significant savings (approximately 50%) on members' dental care needs and is an attractive alternative to costly dental insurance.  No annual maximums. No Waiting Periods. Similar to the coverage above, but much less expensive.  No Claim Forms   $10.40/month single person, Individual and one dependent $16.74/month, $25.68 monthly for a family...For more information use the links below

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INSTANT Health QuoteUnited Health Care now offers quality stand-alone dental insurance for you and your family! Choose from two of their award winning plans.  Use this link to learn more 

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Probably one of the most popular discount dental and vision plans in the country! 

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 Florida Dental Insurance    
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Individual PPO Dental Insurance in Missouri:

Delta Dental's Plans - DeltaCare® USA
For individuals, families, and seniors. These dental HMO-type prepaid plans offer affordable dental coverage with a large network of participating dentists. Features include:

Set copayments
No annual deductibles
No maximums for covered benefits
Primary care dentist
Enrollees must select a primary care dentist from the DeltaCare USA network from whom they will receive most treatment, as in a traditional DHMO.  When you click on the link and enter your zip code, depending on your zip code you will see four (4) Delta Dental plans listed as well as several other dental and vision plans offered. All PPO plans. Here is the link to research their plans etc.  Dental for Everyone!

*New PPO Dental Plan -  Go to whatever dentist you want!  Also, preventative work like x-rays, fillings and cleanings are covered 100% with no waiting period and there is no deductible for these services nor do not count towards your maximum annual allowance.

United Concordia Dental Individual PPO Dental Coverage Plan (NOTE: After using the link to the left, scroll to the bottom of the nest page and select The United Concordia Stand-Alone PPO Dental Plan.)
This dental plan is fully insured through United Concordia.  There is a $1,000 yearly maximum per person (but only on major services) with a $50/$150 deductible per person/ per family.  It includes the Preventive Incentive Program that provides 100% coverage In-Network for Diagnostic/Preventive Services (These charges are excluded from the $1,000 yearly maximum).  There is NO WAITING PERIOD on routine cleanings, x-rays, fillings, extractions, oral surgery and root canals.   The Waiting Period for Class III Major Services (crowns) that are not covered however, is 6 months rather then then the normal 12 months you will find on other PPO plans.  Also, the out-of-network benefits are the same as in-network.  This PPO plan uses the United Concordia Advantage Plus network, meaning that if you choose a network provider then they accept the negotiated network rate and everything is covered 100%. If you go outside the network then the plan pays usual and customary based on the negotiated network rate and you pay the difference if the out-of-network dentist charges more.     

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