Won't Social Security pay for my disability claim?

Statistically, 70% of all Social Security Disability Income claims for a Florida disability insurance policy are denied at application, or representation of a claim.  Don't find out the hard way that you can't count of Social Security to pay your claim.  It takes 5 months before benefits start and you must be disabled, or projected to be disabled by your doctor according to SSDI guidelines, for a minimum of 12 months.  And not only must you be unable to perform your job to qualify for Social Security, but you must also be unable to perform any job you have held previously where you could earn a gainful income. The government makes the process very difficult. Waiting lines are long. Forms are complicated. Benefits are often denied to people who have legitimate claims. And not just once; frequently twice.

The loss of income due to a disabling injury or illness can be devastating setback to someone already suffering. People most often learn the hard way that most (approximately 70%) of Social Security Disability claims are denied. And then its too late. Since they have no first hand experience of how difficult it is to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.  One-third of American workers are likely to be disabled for an extended period.

Relying on your Florida Group Disability Insurance Plan to take care of your income in case you become disabled? 
Most employer or association based disability plans only pay if you are totally disabled and unable to work at any job. What if you were partially disabled and forced to work part time with reduced wages and no other reimbursement for your disability?

Own Occupation Definition of Disability for Income Protection: There are two very different definitions of disability used in disability policies.

The first definition defines a disability as a condition that prevents you from performing the major duties of your occupation. One top-rated disability insurance company summarizes their definition of disability as: “Pays benefits if you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your own occupation due to sickness or injury…even if you are able to do some other kind of work.”.

The other, and less favorable, definition of disability states that you are disabled if you can’t work at any gainful occupation. This kind of policy may also have a residual benefit that says if your income goes down the insurance company will pay a partial benefit. One of the most important features for a professional or executive is the own-occupation definition.

We can help!
The disability agents at Hegeman Insurance Brokerage know that choosing a disability income plan in Orlando or Central Florida is not a simple task. Insurance companies often confuse the consumer with jargon they are not familiar with and unnecessarily frighten people into purchasing coverage they don't really need. It is important that you understand the terms of your policy just like with any insurance. We are experienced in handling individual disability insurance questions, including benefit decisions and policy pay out provisions.